Simple White peach and maple tart.

In an effort to not buy dessert and get bake to baking, I made this scrumptious simple tart for my little family this weekend instead.


Shortcrust pastry (I just used this recipe)

5 ripe white peaches

Maple syrup

Icing sugar (optional)



Make and roll out pastry and line a tart tin.

Blind bake at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

De seed and thinly slice peaches, I used a mandolin to get a uniform slice.

Fill the pastry with the sliced peach and splash over a little maple syrup, if you have left over pastry you can cut out a star or Christmas tree and pop it in … Read More

Sleep Inn SeaTac Airport

The past two nights we have been staying at the Sleep Inn SeaTac Airport before we leave for LA. After driving along the main road and getting slightly concerned at all the dodgy hotels we were passing I’m happy to announce we were pleasantly surprised. This is a budget friendly hotel aimed mainly at guests who are flying out of SeaTac within a few days. So with this in mind here’s what I thought of our stay.

We checked in at about 5pm and the receptionist quickly checked us in and explained where everything was, and what time breakfast would be *bonus, I love a free breakfast*.  This hotel has … Read More

Thirteen weeks and counting.

Yesterday was fun, Dwayne and myself caught an uber into Seattle and went for our prenatal check-up, followed by the first ultrasound (nuchal translucency screening test). All my blood work from my previous appointment came back fine, and I finally found out what my blood type is: AB negative, which I had previously never heard of. Turns out only about 1% of the population have it, cool.

The ultrasound itself was interesting, the only type I’ve ever had before was for my now extinct appendix. So it was fun watching the baby flip around, move its tiny arms and feet and open its mouth. I also found out I’m about … Read More

Portland’s Inn at the Convention Center

After arriving at the train station at 8pm, we decided to catch a cab to our accommodation Inn at the Convention Center in Portland. The receptionist was enthusiastic and friendly and promptly checked us in. We then headed up the lift to our room.

This is another budget friendly hotel in a decent location. The Max light rail station was extremely close by. Just walk out of the building turn left and cross the road and your there. This was the deciding factor in booking this hotel for my partner and I. The downside to being so close to the station is that we could hear the train running until … Read More

Bon Bon Town

I’ve been off the contraceptive pill for two months now which I exchanged to ‘track my fertility’. Armed with a basal thermometer, a few hours of googling, and a couple of newly downloaded android apps, I thought I had this in the bag. My partner’s career made a sudden change and within two weeks we found out we would be moving America for a year but returning home frequently.

In the buzz and excitement, I forgot to take my temperature for a few days. We had sex. And then a couple of days later those fleeting thoughts came into mind… If you a sexually active female you’ll know exactly what … Read More